I’ll give the longer, more drawn-out explanation sometime soon – you can bet it involves those two bugaboos of 21st-century life, i.e. time and money, in great measures – but for right now, the short story is that BallinEurope is seeking someone (or someones) to take over this website.

As I see it, three options exist for BallinEurope.com:

1. Simply sell to the highest bidder. Currently, this website is listed on the auction specialists Flippa.com. Should the asking price be met, most likely all ownership and editorial rights would be sold to that bidder regardless of intent. If you’re interesting in placing a bid for the site privately, send an email to ballineurope@yahoo.com.

2. Hand over editorial control to other/others but maintain ownership. Should a decent offer not be made, it would certainly be possible for someone to take over the site and its affiliated social marketing accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc). This would mean extremely little (like, none, most of the time) income, but makes a quality outlet for fans willing to write about European basketball. Anyone willing to give this a shot should write me at ballineurope@yahoo.com; please provide some ideas of what you’d like to do, CVs and writing samples, just to give some idea of your credentials – this won’t be a make-or-break thing.

3. Finally, there is the least desirable outcome: To just preserve the site as is, forever captured in virtual amber … but personally I’d really like to see another owner try his/her/their hand(s) at a reputable sports website.
If you have any comments or would like to discuss keeping BallinEurope alive and well, please write. I’m willing to hear any ideas. And here’s to hoping this site indeed has a positive future…

–Os Davis