The first stage is in the books and it will be all but stricken from our memory by around 14.29 CET. Before we cast it off to history, BiE’s rounded up our favourite plays from the opening stage.

Best face
Oh man Janis Blums. You’re the best.

Best Nope
Alexis Ajinca with the block

Play here purely to please my girlfriend
Nice work by Ante Tomic

Best Spin
Jeffery Taylor with the grace of a swan.

Best Superman
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a Sun. Marcin Gortat takes flight.

Best Bullet
No not in the Jan Vesely sense. In the catch this or it will take your head off sense.

We finish off with the shock of the opening day, and that’s saying a lot, BENZING!!!….skip to 1.43.

What did we miss? Link to your favourite moments in the comments. We’ll add the best ones later.

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