Two-time Euroleague winning coach close to Wakayama deal

The Japan Times has reported that Zeljko Pavlicevic is in discussions with Wakayama Trians ownership to return to lead the team for the 2014-15 season.

Pavlicevic, who led KK Split to two of their three straight Euroleague titles at the start of the 1990s. Pavlicevic, 63. has spent a large chunk of the latter part of his career in Japan, coaching the national team through the 2006 FIBA World Championships and led Wakayama to a second-placed finish in the NBL last year, having spent three seasons prior to that with the bj-league’s Shimane Susanoo Magic, before parting ways at the end of the season. The cash-strapped club, still without a coach, now looks set to be re-signed to Wakayama.


We really need you to nominate beers


It’s just over 6 weeks since we announced our FIBA Basketball World Cup of Beer challenge. It’s 3 days until it starts…and wow do we really need your help.

The last time we did a beer challenge, it went down really well but there were lots of complaints about the beers chosen. This time around I’m trying to avoid that by giving you, our readers, the chance to pick beers for your nation…even if the Brazilian journalist I respect most really wants me to pick Brahma for his nation.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny…

So here’s what I am hoping you, the BiE readers, can do. We want beers for every one of the 24 nations in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball. I’ll list them here below. Any nation that gets a beer nominee before Thursday will be grand, happy as Larry as they say. Any that doesn’t will come down to my judgement which means loads of you will be unhappy.

Leave a comment or tweet us and help fill out the field. Speaking of, here we go…
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Ireland end famines with two slices of Danish bacon

Normally we are really fair and balanced on this site. This has not been a normal day.

When I got up this morning, Ireland hadn’t won a competitive men’s Under 18 international since 2007 or a competitive women’s Under 18 game since 2008. In simple terms, it’s easy for me to be neutral because my nation hasn’t exactly been a powerhouse internationally since…well since the game was invented.

Arguably the best day in our less than fantastic history got under way at 10am CET today when the Under 18 men took the floor against Denmark in Sofia. Sean Flood scored 19 points and had 4 assists while Oisin Kerins grabbed 12 boards and scored 6 points as Ireland won the opening game of the FIBA Europe Division B champopnships 66-61.

The women’s Under 18 squad had already suffered four defeats in their Division B tournament before hitting the floor against Denmark at 19.15 CET in Timisoara, Romania. The game was evenly balanced going into the third quarter before the Irish blew it right open. With a 9 point lead going into the final frame, our account on Twitter was really looking the opposite of neutral.

Having fallen away against Ukraine on Wednesday night, Ireland didn’t let up against the Danes to take the win 63-50.


Basketball Ireland wins inclusion award

BiE is on site in Milano but back at our base in Ireland, there was big news for Basketball Ireland. Emmet Ryan reports.

Basketball Ireland has received the CARA National Inclusion award for its work with people with physical disabilities. The governing body of basketball in Ireland won the National Governing Body award at the ceremony in Limerick. Louise O’Loughlin, senior competitions officer with Basketball Ireland accepted the award.

The CARA National Inclusion Awards recognise excellent practice by organisations and people who contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities in Sport, Physical Activity, Physical Education, Fitness and Outdoor Activities. The inclusion awards initiative aims to heighten awareness of the inclusion of people with disabilities across all aspects of sport.


Excessive reaction follows excessive reaction in Finland

The video below has been doing the rounds and no-one comes out looking good.

Shanel Harrison was so in the wrong here, no argument from this corner. She was clearly angered by a hard screen up the other end that, upon close inspection of the video, looks like it could have been a body check. My initial reaction when I saw the video was that it was a deliberate body check but having re-watched a bunch of times, I honestly think it’s a badly set screen.

Either way, there was no call for her to flat-out cold cock her opponent. That’s nasty. That earns a suspension and a fine…but it really shouldn’t have cost Harrison her job. Taplonen Honka issued a statement confirming her dismissal as a result of this action. If it’s just for this, and pardon my lack of knowledge of the former La Salle player’s behaviour in the Finnish league this year, then dismissal is a massive over-reaction. Yes it was dirty but there has to be room to punish action that falls short of completely removing any potential for penance. Harrison deserves to get the book thrown at her but it was an emotional reaction in the heat of the moment. That gets you the bench for a couple of weeks, it shouldn’t get you the door.


Juco Javonte Douglas nails a just plain filthy putback dunk

There is nothing remotely European about this clip. It would however be most un-European of us not to bring it to your attention. Javonte Douglas is a junior college player with the College of Central Florida Patriots. He nailed a putback with no regard for human life.


40 Swedish League games to be streamed free online

Great news from as a new deal has been announced to stream 40 games from Basketligan Herr and Basketligan Dam. The deal will see all five games from the opening week of Basketligan Herr games, which starts 2 October.

Viasat Sport will stream the games. At the time of publication it’s yet to be confirmed if the games will be free to view outside of Sweden. BiE will provide updates when we have them, because who doesn’t like the prospect of free live ball? For now we recommend following @SwedishBBall on Twitter for more.


VIDEO: Irish Basketball season launch and Cup draws

BiE caught up with the best in Irish Basketball at the official launch of the men’s and women’s Premier Leagues. The draws for this year’s national cup competitions were also made.

Ballineurope spoke with Darren Townes of Bord Gáis Neptune, Terrance King of UCD Marian, Lehmon Colbert of UCC Demons, and Kathryn Fahy of UL Huskies at the launch of the Irish Premier Leagues for 2013-14.

Check out our photos from the launch on Facebook.

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And now comes the hard work

September 2013 will go down as the biggest period of change in this site’s history. Now that big step has been taken, we’re asking you to help us make the site better.

Don’t worry these state of the union type columns won’t be a regular feature on BiE. It’s just the right time to speak to you, our visitors, and ask you for feedback.

The turnaround from Os being editor to me (Emmet, hi nice to meet you) taking charge happened quicker than either of us expected and I’m happy to say we’ve handled it smoothly. Os has enjoyed taking a break and jumping in at the deep end of European basketball was exciting for me. The timing was pretty epic as the busiest weekend of the year for me on my other site just happened to directly coincide with the final weekend of EuroBasket. This is what my girlfriend had to deal with today.
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Greetings from your new editor

Is change weird and scary? Well maybe but don’t worry, it won’t be this time.

Before I introduce myEmmet Ryan, new editor at Ballineurope.comself, let me assure all readers of one thing: Os isn’t leaving. The man who has been the voice of for the past five years will still write regularly for the site just less often than he used to. That means you can still listen to him on the Taking the Charge podcast, Os will still find ways to bring the cinema of the 90s into European Basketball, and pretty much whatever else he wants to do he will. He’s the editor emeritus, he’ll stick around.

Now that’s done, hi everybody I’m Emmet Ryan and I’m the new editor here at Right, now to explain why an Irishman is now at the helm of a site dedicated to European basketball. Considering we abandoned our national team a couple of years ago and have only a handful of players in the professional ranks, although some have great stories, Ireland isn’t exactly the place you expect to find a writer dedicated to the hardwood.

For the past 15 years I’ve been working as a journalist/blogger with a bunch of papers and websites and finally went fully committed to running my own sports blog,, in 2010. The site is much more long-form based than most and that includes our basketball coverage. Covering European basketball on a day to day basis was always of interest to me but my existing site simply wasn’t the right fit as the balance of news and features would really look out of place there.

When Os announced he was looking to pass on I was excited because it meant this I could cover the game the way I wanted ensure that one of the most important blogs covering the sport in Europe could continue to grow.

So what can you expect? Well the power rankings are here to stay and we’ll be posting our first set tomorrow to rank the Eurobasket teams from 1-24. There’s already a minor shock here, I didn’t expect to rank Great Britain above 24th, they’re all but guaranteed 16th at the absolute worst.

Starting Thursday we’ll have an about last night round-up covering Eurobasket’s closing stages through to the finish. In terms of daily updates we’ll be focussing on Europeans playing in the NBA, in our creatively name Eur-NBA slot which will be a round-up of what Europeans did the previous night in NBA action. Likewise we’ll do quick hits round-up pieces after every day of Euroleague action.

News updates are just part of the plan here. We have many plans for features to bring something meatier to your day. Os has plans to do a Monday morning column which should get you off to a good start in your week. Throughout the Euroleague season I’ll regularly chime in with features and we’re going to get more original video on the site too.

So hopefully that’s convinced you that is in safe hands. Now I want to ask you to help out. Got a tip? Get in touch. Want to write for us? Get in touch. Want to highlight an article you think is cool somewhere else? Most definitely, get in touch. has been the gateway site for me to the Euroballinbloggosphere. This site is going to keep acting like that.

Our content isn’t the end point, it’s where you start. To open more eyes to the great work out there, we need tips. Even if you are plugging your own piece, get in touch. Hell, especially if you are plugging your own piece.