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New Steph Curry, Marc Jackson ESPN promo has — hey, are they ragging on Turkey?

Seriously, is the Golden State Warriors pair disrespecting the TBL in this ESPN promo ad…? Deron Williams played there, you know…

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Podcast: Featuring interview with Indiana Pacers director of international scouting Pete Philo

Taking the Charge podcast seriesEpisode #59 of the BallinEurope/heinnews co-produced “Taking the Charge” podcast series is now available online or via iTunes.

Co-host David Hein and BallinEurope’s Os Davis have a good one for the NBA fans out there, particularly those backing the Indiana Pacers. Joining us as guest on the show is new Pacers director of international scouting Pete Philo. Philo brings an impressive resume to the club which not only includes a nice stint with the Minnesota Timberwolves as a talent scout, but also an executive position with China’s national program and status as cofounder of the Eurocamp youth program in the 1990s.

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BallinEurope’s Top 10 Euro-centric storylines in NBA 2013-14 season

Pero Antic: Ready for his (NBA) closeup

Though the NBA’s opening night went down yesterday (North America time), the far majority of teams in the Association has yet to tip things off. What better time then, to enumerate 10 or so storylines BallinEurope will be following in 2013-14?

(That was a rhetorical question.)

Right, then. Here’s what we’re looking at in the NBA season to come.

• Tony Parker and his French Foreign Legion. The San Antonio Spurs, who first dipped into international talent when they drafted that guy from the Virgin Islands back in 1999, added yet another non-North American this offseason to go with Parker, Nando de Colo, Boris Diaw, Manu Ginobili, Tiago Splitter et al in Marco Belinelli. The thought here surely is for the Western Conference champs to supplement shooting off the wing and supplement they shall.

Meanwhile, pundits aplenty (all the way up to Bill and Jalen” over at wonder openly about the psychological effect of heartbreaking losses in game six and seven of last year’s finals. BiE’d say that this ain’t no ordinary team and despite never having been in this position (i.e. as the previous year’s runner-up) to start a season, the Spurs’ll shrug it off. What cannot be so easily brushed aside is ol’ Father Time, who’s clearly gaining on Ginobili and surely must be sneaking up on Tim Duncan…

• Marcin Gortat’s fortunes on the Wizards. As part of an all-out – and possibly bald-faced – salary dump/preparation to tank for the draft lottery, the Phoenix Suns dumped The Polish Hammer in the eleventh hour to a suddenly impressive-looking Washington side. Continue Reading…


Podcast: Examining Euroleague week one, predicting week two, speaking with Kenan Sipahi, boxing with robots

Episode #58 (alternatively “Volume II, Episode 6”) of the BallinEurope/heinnews co-produced “Taking the Charge” podcast series is now available online or via iTunes.

So you may have heard about the wacky Euroleague thing starting last week and tipping off another slate tonight. David Hein and BallinEurope’s Os Davis weigh in on the week one results, 18-year-old wunderkind/EL debutant Kenan Sipahi of Fenerbahçe Ülker appears in brief interview form, and o boy you bet Official Fearless Predictions™ are dispensed.

The sports movie review of the week focuses on the pleasantly surprisingly good Academy Award-nominated (for visual effects, but still) Real Steel, a story of a down-and-out dude, his estranged son and their massive fighting robots.
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Why I’m #Bald4Boobs

Bald4BoobsEvery day this month I’m shaving my head for breast cancer awareness. I deliberately don’t want your money, I want your attention.

The name sounds a tad awful. That’s the point. #Bald4Boobs is about getting you to ask why. It’s about getting you to talk. Specifically it’s about getting men to talk about it.

If you are a guy I’m going to guess there’s at least one woman you know who you don’t wish awful things towards. If there actually isn’t, whoa do I NEVER want to meet you. September and November are dominated by cancers more commonly associated with men but October is the month where we should talk about breast cancer and the conversation should include men. Women are awesome, they play big roles in our lives. They could be your girlfriend, mother, cousin, buddy, whatever. They are people we like in many different ways. They matter to us a great deal.

Asking for donations would have been the easy route but this isn’t about money. Here’s an example why. I was standing on Harcourt St on Thursday and met a lady I haven’t seen in 5 years. We got chatting about my bald head and she immediately reached for her wallet. If was almost a reflex action. I told her to stop. That got her attention. It’s unusual for a charity campaign to not want your money. Then she did the one thing I wanted her to do. She asked why.

Giving money to causes is great but you’re going to remember more if you’re deliberately asked not to donate. What I’m looking for men to do is help the women in their lives with three pieces of advice. Doing these three things reduces the risk of breast cancer.

1. Eat healthy

2. Exercise more

3. Drink less booze

All of this advice is offered by the Irish Cancer Society but do you know what else it is? Really good advice for keeping healthy in general. It’s not about being a puritan athlete. You, the guys I’m asking to get active, would benefit from following this advice in your own lives. If you chat to the women who matter to you about it too, you’re fighting breast cancer. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You’re helping.

So don’t be silent, don’t worry about offending people. I’m running a campaign with a freaking hashtag called #Bald4Boobs. Once my mother said she thought it was cool, I figured to hell with what anyone else thinks. It’s got your attention. Now I want you to take action.

I’m Emmet Ryan and I’m #Bald4Boobs.


Olympiacos to face Besiktas in Rixos Cup Final

Action from the Rixos Cup where Olympiacos beat Anadolu Efes 83-78Pre-season action is under way and an 83-78 win for Olympiacos Piraeus over Anadolu Efes means the Reds will face Besiktas in Friday’s final in Istanbul.

Istanbul is home to the pre-season Rixos Cup with Zalgiris Kaunas, Olympiacos Piraeus, and Budivelnik Kiev joining three teams from the host city, Fenerbahce Ulker, Anadolu Efes, and Besiktas Integral Forex for this pre-season tournament. Thursday was the third day of the four day tournament and the finalists and placement games for tomorrow were decided.

Zalgiris Kaunas beat Fenerbahce 82-77 despite Melih Mahmutoglu contributing 21 points for Zedjko Obradovic’s side. That victory secures a third place playoff with Anadolu Efes on Friday. Efes were hoping for something more but they came up short against the defending Euroleague champions.

Olympiacos had 15 points from Costas Sloukas and 13 from ‘Agent 00.7’ Georgios Printezis, to book their place in Friday’s final with Besiktas. The fifth and sixth place game will be between Budivelnik Kiev and Fenerbahce.

We don’t have highlights from today’s games but for those of you in need of a fix here are some highlight’s from Olympiacos’ win on Tuesday over Budivelnik.


Podcast: Tony Parker! Ricky Rubio! New BiE editor!

Taking the Charge podcast seriesEpisode #54 (alternatively “Volume II, Episode 2”) of the BallinEurope/heinnews co-produced “Taking the Charge” podcast series is now available online or via iTunes.

But enough with the pleasantries. Let’s get right to the headliners. From the post-games of last week’s Eurobasket 2013 final matches come words from perhaps the biggest names we’ve ever had on the show. First up is 15 minutes’ worth of post-game press conference from the peerless Tony Parker along with Team France coach Vincent Collet in the afterglow of Les Bleus’ triumphant gold-medal win over Lithuania.

Following this is the positively gregarious Ricky “The Human YouTube Highlight Clip” Rubio after Team Spain’s bronze-medal win; in the post-game, hard-working David Hein gets La Pistola to weigh in quickly on his national team’s future as well as the importance of Nikola Pekovic.

But that’s not all: new BallinEurope editor-in-chief Emmet Walsh has introduced himself at length online but gets audio room in which to stretch his wings when he guests on this edition of Taking the Charge. Emmet tells us about his motivations for running and his love of the European game before he and Hein face off in a “Fact or Fiction”-like round of Q&A regarding some thematic motifs. What does Emmet think about, say, Olympiacos’ chances for a Euroleague three-peat? Tune in to find out…

Finally, the sports movie review of the week is a documentary set in the world of Emmet’s other sports love, that utterly unique game called Gaelic Football. This Irish national television production is called “Jimmy’s Winnin’ Matches” and is one fantastic look at how important a coach/trainer/manager – in any sport, really – can be.

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EuroBasket: Stars of the future on display at Under 18 All Star game

Before today’s 2014 FIBA World Cup qualification decider in Ljubjana, the Under 18 All Star game showcased some of the continent’s new talents. As always, young players look more polished in highlights.

Poland’s Damian Jezke (Rosa Radom, #65 in DraftExpress 1995 international rankings) led the victorious Blue team with 13 points. Serbia’s Nikola Jokic (Mega Vizura, #17 International 95) had 12 as they won 74-69. Kenan Sipahi (Fenerbahce, #5 in International 95) had 4 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists for the Blues.

Turkey’s Kerem Kanter, younger brother of Enes, impressed for the White team with 14 points while Rade Zagorac (Smederevo, #35 International 95), had 13 points and 9 boards. James Metecan Birsen (Fenerbahce, #12 International 95) had 10 points.


Greetings from your new editor

Is change weird and scary? Well maybe but don’t worry, it won’t be this time.

Before I introduce myEmmet Ryan, new editor at Ballineurope.comself, let me assure all readers of one thing: Os isn’t leaving. The man who has been the voice of for the past five years will still write regularly for the site just less often than he used to. That means you can still listen to him on the Taking the Charge podcast, Os will still find ways to bring the cinema of the 90s into European Basketball, and pretty much whatever else he wants to do he will. He’s the editor emeritus, he’ll stick around.

Now that’s done, hi everybody I’m Emmet Ryan and I’m the new editor here at Right, now to explain why an Irishman is now at the helm of a site dedicated to European basketball. Considering we abandoned our national team a couple of years ago and have only a handful of players in the professional ranks, although some have great stories, Ireland isn’t exactly the place you expect to find a writer dedicated to the hardwood.

For the past 15 years I’ve been working as a journalist/blogger with a bunch of papers and websites and finally went fully committed to running my own sports blog,, in 2010. The site is much more long-form based than most and that includes our basketball coverage. Covering European basketball on a day to day basis was always of interest to me but my existing site simply wasn’t the right fit as the balance of news and features would really look out of place there.

When Os announced he was looking to pass on I was excited because it meant this I could cover the game the way I wanted ensure that one of the most important blogs covering the sport in Europe could continue to grow.

So what can you expect? Well the power rankings are here to stay and we’ll be posting our first set tomorrow to rank the Eurobasket teams from 1-24. There’s already a minor shock here, I didn’t expect to rank Great Britain above 24th, they’re all but guaranteed 16th at the absolute worst.

Starting Thursday we’ll have an about last night round-up covering Eurobasket’s closing stages through to the finish. In terms of daily updates we’ll be focussing on Europeans playing in the NBA, in our creatively name Eur-NBA slot which will be a round-up of what Europeans did the previous night in NBA action. Likewise we’ll do quick hits round-up pieces after every day of Euroleague action.

News updates are just part of the plan here. We have many plans for features to bring something meatier to your day. Os has plans to do a Monday morning column which should get you off to a good start in your week. Throughout the Euroleague season I’ll regularly chime in with features and we’re going to get more original video on the site too.

So hopefully that’s convinced you that is in safe hands. Now I want to ask you to help out. Got a tip? Get in touch. Want to write for us? Get in touch. Want to highlight an article you think is cool somewhere else? Most definitely, get in touch. has been the gateway site for me to the Euroballinbloggosphere. This site is going to keep acting like that.

Our content isn’t the end point, it’s where you start. To open more eyes to the great work out there, we need tips. Even if you are plugging your own piece, get in touch. Hell, especially if you are plugging your own piece.


Podcast: Interviewing ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla on European prospects, college hoops

Episode #46 of the BallinEurope/heinnews co-produced “Taking the Charge” podcast series is now available online or via iTunes.

We’re very pleased to have guesting on the show this week none other than former University of New Mexico Lobos head coach/current ESPN college basketball analyst and commentator/fantastic tweeter Fran Fraschilla. Since Fraschilla was in attendance at the recent FIBA U19 World Championship tournament, we gladly pick the man’s brains for his takes on Dante Exum of Australia; Sebastian Saiz, incoming freshman at Ole Miss; Nick Duncan of Team Australia and Boise State University; exciting Serbian point guard Vasilije Micic; and most of *that* Team USA side.

Just as naturally, BiE couldn’t resist getting the dish on Elias Harris’ prospects with the Los Angeles Lakers (a deal which Fraschilla recently tweet-praised), UNM’s chances in the 2013-14 season, and why he got out (and stayed out) of the coaching game back in ’02.

Hein and BiE were also able to yuk it up in our sports movie review of the week, because we checked out a true classic in sportsworld-side satire from the minds of those South Parkers, Trey Parker and Matt Stone – that’s right, we’re talking Baseketball!


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