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This is how LeBron does the ice bucket challenge

LeBron James may not be suiting up for Team USA at the 2014 FIBA World Cup of Basketball but that didn’t stop him from accepting the ALS ice bucket challenge from the American team. Of course, being the King, he had to do it in style.


Oh no you didn’t! Giannis Antetokounmpo dunks the nation of France

Charles de Gaulle, Francois Mitterand, Gerard Depardieu, you call all feel this right? This was nascent anger from the Greek Freak tonight. Giannis Antetokounmpo, of the Milwaukee Bucks, did this for the Greek national team against France tonight in a FIBA World Cup warm-up game.


What the Rockets can expect from Papanikolaou

The Houston Rockets finally secured the services of Kostas Papanikolaou on Friday night but what will the two-time Euroleague champion bring to the table?

The Rockets locked down Papanikolaou on a two-year $9.4 million contract, a big step up from the $4m dollar deal over the same period he was initially offered. With a $1.5 million buyout to pay to Barcelona, $900,000 of which would come out of his own pocket, Pap was always going to need a bigger offer to cross the Atlantic. Not that he is so-so about going to the NBA. The Greek forward has previously said he’d sacrifice money for playing time to get to the association. The need for a new deal was pretty much about value.

What Rockets fans should see in Pap is potential. The past three seasons have seen great development in the maturity of his game. The Greek announced his presence to Europe with an outstanding display in the Euroleague final in 2012. A year later he was named the league’s rising star, before leaving Olympiacos to join Barcelona.
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Euro ballers get the NBA Sweets treatment

Despite a whole lot of genuinely interesting things happening in the world of basketball right now, it’s a tough time to manage a NBA social media account. Most free agents are signed, the summer league is long over, and there’s still a good chunk of time until pre-season. Throw all that together and NBA Twitter accounts start getting silly. On Wednesday the theme was #NBASweets and Euro ballers in the association didn’t get left out of the nonsense.

Here are the highlights:
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VIDEO: Ettore Messina’s coaching philosophy

This is a great find by the crew over at Project Spurs, a 14 minute video of Ettore Messina explaining his philosophy on coaching basketball

Yeah, when he opens with comparisons to an orchestra you just know this is going to be good. Then when he gets on to discipline a clearly rights free version of The Godfather theme starts playing. Within four minutes it gets unnerving because anyone familiar with Messina gets shocked by just how chilled he is…this was filmed during his CSKA days and he seems content, how does that happen?


Until it matters, it won’t matter

The FIFA World Cup is over, the FIBA World Cup is seven weeks away. Whereas the former near guaranteed shocks and surprises, Basketball fans can only hope we avoid a predictable tournament in Spain.

The FIBA World Cup of Basketball has tremendous potential but it’s hard not to be a little worried. Player drop outs keep leaking out as the off-season staggers along. Save for Spain and Lithuania, because it’s Lithuania, and a handful of others it’s hard to guarantee teams will bring their strongest possible rosters. International hoops, while adored by fans, simply doesn’t get the commitment of its soccer counterpart.

Team USA’s provisional roster is a good indicator of how much of an opt-in event this is for stars. Kevin Durant, the reigning NBA MVP, is there, so too are Derrick Rose and James Harden but after that the top names have opted out without much consternation. A NBA contract, the NBA season, is just that much further ahead in the order of priorities. Part of Rose’s motivation for playing indeed is to get some real game-time to get his career back on track next season. This is far from a NBA problem. It’s not the NBA’s fault that it is, by a considerable distance, the top priority for players. That’s on FIBA and the national federations.
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LeBron, another sign that David Blatt just keeps on winning



Lee Jenkins broke the story of LeBron’s return but what happens now? The madness might just be starting.

David Blatt’s been on one hell of a run. A triple crown with Maccabi, he lands a NBA job (seriously good hustle once again), the team he lands with wins the lottery and lands Andrew Wiggins, wins a bunch of coach of the year awards for work with his old team, and now…now he’s got the best player in the game on his new team.

Yeah, yeah it’s really good to be David Blatt right now.

The East is so open that it’s hardly implausible, even with a team that was pure factory of sadness last year, that Blatt takes the conference in his first season. Outside of the Pacers, is there any team in that conference you feel truly confident about taking Cleveland (and I almost wrote Miami there) in a series with a healthy LeBron James plus friends? There are plenty of options in the West, the Spurs, Warriors, Clippers, Thunder, and Rockets are teams I’d flat out favour against them right now. That’s ignoring a handful of other teams who are better than any other opponent out East, bar Indiana, that could take down the Cavs roster over seven games. You don’t need me to tell you that only one of these teams from the West could potentially end LeBron’s season.
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Better know a Euro – Alessandro Gentile

With the 2014 NBA Draft taking place on Thursday, we’re providing quick refreshers on each of the European players hoping to hear their names called. Next up is Alessandro Gentile.

Alessandro Gentile
Position: SG/SF
Draft Express Rank: 61
Draft Express Projection: Undrafted
Nationality: Italy
Club: Olimpia Milano
Season: Quarter finals of Euroleague, currently in Italian league finals with Milano.
Notable personal honours: 2011 Italian league best player under 22

Bear in mind: Gentile logged heavy minutes in Euroleague this year for a Milano team that over-achieved. Psychologically he’s ready for the NBA, whether his game is up to it is another question.

So how good is he? Well he was plenty impressive at EuroBasket:


Better know a Euro – Ioannis Papapetrou

With the 2014 NBA Draft taking place on Thursday we’re giving you a quick refresher on each of the Europeans hoping to hear their names called. Next up, Ioannis Papapetrou.

Ioannis Papapetrou
Draft Express Rank: 56
Draft Express Projection: 57 to Indiana Pacers.
Nationality: Greece
Club: Olympiacos Piraues
Season: Runners up in Greek league and Cup, went out of Euroleague at the quarter final stage, won the FIBA Intercontinental Cup.
Notable personal honours: N/A

Bear in mind: Papapetrou isn’t going anywhere for at least the next two seasons and that’s probably best for his development. At Olympiacos he’ll get plenty of experience against top class opposition. Essentially he could enter the NBA around the same time as if he had stayed the full four years at Texas only with three seasons against a higher class of opponent.

So how good is he? Here’s his highlights from Adidas EuroCamp:


Better know a Euro – Nemanja Dangubic

With the 2014 NBA Draft taking place on Thursday, we’re providing quick refreshers on each of the European players hoping to hear their names called. Next up Nemanja Dangubic.

Nemanja Dangubic
Position: SG
Draft Express Rank: 75
Draft Express Projection: 53 to Minnesota Timberwolves.
Nationality: Serbia
Club: Mega Vizura (their third prospect for those keeping count)
Season: Finished 8th in ABA Liga with Mega Vizura,, reached the final of the Serbian Cup, lost in Serbian League semi finals to Crvena Zvezda.
Notable personal honours: Top scorer at Adidas EuroCamp game.

Bear in mind: The last of four Serbians hoping to get drafted, this could be the largest class of Serbs ever drafted. Dangubic trails his countrymen significantly in prospects but will be working with one of the more multinational franchises in the NBA if he goes as projected to the Wolves.

So how good is he? Here’s his highlights from Adidas EuroCamp: