This jam forbidden in Finland

Theron Wilson, formerly of Bradley University, has found a nice niche in Finland with the Salon Vilpas Vikings, though perhaps someone should have informed him of the stinginess of Korisliiga referees. It appears that, unlike the Ukrainian ball Wilson was with in his rookie professional season last year, Finland’s zebras just aren’t accustomed to play above the rim – and the Americans’ tendency to destroy a loitering opponent underneath.

In last week’s game against BiE fave Honka Espoo Playboys, Wilson puts his prowess on display to come from out of nowhere, grab the board off a Harris Dejuan miss and, in Waltonian vernacular, throws it down!

Despite the crowd’s awed reaction and Wilson’s own euphoria at the career highlight film slam, the unflappable Finnish referee immediately calls an offensive foul and technical foul on Wilson. Added effect in the video is provided by Dejuan once he realizes what the foul call is, precisely: In an arena with reported attendance of 780, Dejuan’s protestations of “What? Oh man!” can be heard clearly.

YouTube user Karupappa, who titled this clip “Dunk of the month … I mean, offensive foul,” comments that while “Korisliiga is attempting to become more extravagant and spectacular,” calls like this one probably won’t help in such a quest.

Video of awesome jam and egregious foul call follows. And just for the record, the Playboys won the game, 87-79.

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