Shuler: Hero, then goat, then hero

As though things weren’t tense enough already for Sunday’s Limoges-Vichy match in France, get a load of the ridiculous turn of events that closes out this instant LNB classic and what is perhaps The Continent’s buzzer-beater of 2010-11 so far.

A look at the LNB standings shows these two teams fighting alongside Poitiers in the bottom three spots, a.k.a. the relegation zone, therefore making this match a must-win with about half the season to go.

With seconds remaining, the scoreboard reads: Vichy 73, Limoges 72. At the free-throw line for the visitors is Jamal Shuler, who has contributed a 32-point, seven-rebound, three-assist performance. However, Casey-like (or even K.C.-like), Shuler misses the first free throw.

And the second…

A rebound by Zach Wright for Limoges and the break is on: A string of nice passes ends with Karim Souchu’s cool layup to make it Limoges 74, Vichy 73. The home crowd exults. Just over one second remains and, as they in French in another game, le jeux sont fait.


Instant karma befalls Shuler, he to whom the basketball gods had moments cruelly teased with images of goatdom and … c’est extraordinaire!

Incidentally, BallinEurope all-star/LNB dominant force Chris Massie contributed an 18/12 game plus three blocks for Limoges.

Thanks to reader Thomas B. for the YouTube link!

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