The transfer season is in full speed in Europe, with rumors fusing all around the different newspapers and websites. And while the NBA teams are still thinking of drafting Europeans in the second round, former picks are thinking about moving back to the Euroleague.

Walter Herrmann, the current Detroit Piston confirmed to Greece’s Gazzetta newspaper that he has an offer from a Greek team. There are, of course, only two possibilities: Olympiakos and Panathinaikos.

Herrmann, who averaged 3.4 points and 1.6 rebounds per game in the Motor City, is the typical NBA player that can make a way more interesting stay in Europe than in the NBA. Serving only as a limited role player in the United States, Herrmann can firstly earn more money in Europe and secondly also play a far larger role in a very competitive championship, the Euroleague.

Another rumor going through the ‘boards is the return of Kosta Perovic to Europe, and more specifically to Maccabi Tel Aviv. The Serbian big man, who appeared in just seven contests with the Warriors in his entire career, has never made any impact for Golden State. Honestly, I could never understand how the Warriors could sign him: Perovic is such an atypical player for the run-and-gun team that his career was over before he even went to the States. The Euroleague is a much better fit for the 2.18m tall kid from Serbia.

The craziest rumor is, however, the possible return of Primoz Brezec to his home country of Slovenia. Apparently, a very rich entrepreneur wants to pay Brezec’ salary while he would play for Olimpija Ljubljana. How true this is, has yet to be verified but Brezec has already stated that he won’t stay in the NBA for less than USD 3 million (about EUR 1.5 million net), a salary that top European teams like Barcelona where he is rumored to go, can pay.

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