We got reports from Lithuania today about a racist attack on the US-born PG of Lietuvos Rytas this Friday in Vilnius. The news has only been released this afternoon though.

Hollis Price, who is actually playing with the Lithuanians in the Euroleague has been attacked by skinheads in the streets of Vilnius. Friday night at about 10pm, Price has been thrown down by 3 "pseudopatriotic" guys but luckily some journalists and students that were around could interfere and stop the fight. However, one of the three skinheads tried to punch him more but the helpers could take control of the situation as two of three have run away.

This is really a dramatic incident, even if Price did not get hurt seriously as he could play the day after in a LKL game. He was reduced somehow as he only played 8 minutes during that game, even if this was also maybe the result of the domination of his team during that game.

However, the discussions are heating up in Lithuania as the Lietuvos Rytas team is know for having an "Ultras" fan club that is carrying flags with racist symbols. These "fans" are present to lots of away games of their team too. I won’t go any further in this discussion as I am not enough aware of their real status and beliefs.

But I hate really hearing about such stories and I wish all the best to Hollis Price and I want to thank those people that helped him in that situation.