Just in time for today’s semi finals to prove us completely wrong, here’s our updated Power Rankings for EuroBasket 2013 after the quarter final round.

1. Spain. It’s a what have you done for me lately business and nobody has done more than Spain. They leap Croatia on the back of an utter rout of Serbia.

2. Croatia. A second quarter spurt against Ukraine gave the Croats a decisive lead that they never gave up. This team has now won 8 straight.

3. Lithuania. Total coin toss between Lithuania and France following the quarter finals, the Lithuanians greater consistency in round two means they stay ahead for now.

4. France. The first half against Slovenia was ugly. They started the second by taking command. Can they put in a good 40 minutes against Spain?

5. Slovenia. Bouncing back from their loss to France just 16 hours later with a big game against Serbia proved the mettle of this team. They’re going to Spain.

6. Italy. In defeat to Lithuania they gave us what we needed from the quarter finals. Now can they get what they need from Ukraine?

7. Ukraine. Still the underdogs for the final World Cup spot but for now they stay ahead of Serbia because…

8. Serbia. In a what have you done for me lately business the Serbs have looked horrible. Two bad beatings in a row drop them to the bottom here. The rest before the FIBA World Cup elimination game is vital.

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