Germany-based sportswriter David Hein, who contributed a very nice report to BallinEurope on last night’s BG Göttingen-Beşiktaş Cola Turka match in Germany, has just posted the transcript of his interview with the man himself, Allen Iverson.

The heinnews website scored quite a lengthy talk with Mr. Answer and got the former NBAer’s viewpoint on whether his legs are underneath him (“physically I’m 100 percent right now”), the shorter European game clock (“it’s a big difference. …You just go up and down a couple times on the court a couple of possessions and you look at the clock and you’re like man, time just flew by”), his personal goals (“Just to win. With me, scoring and breaking records and doing all those things and being an All-Star, I’ve done those things and accomplished those things on the highest level. So I’ve been there and done that.”), and the all-important question of Turkish cuisine (“I’m kind of tired of the grilled chicken with French fries. But I found a Friday’s in Istanbul. Now, I’m just eating a bunch of cheese wraps at Friday’s. I’m getting better”).

Please do check out the entire interview at heinnews. That link again is here.

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