Sure, everybody’s busy these days, but there’s always quality time for web surfing, right? Right! Below run a few of the stories and videos perused at the home office in Budapest this week — mostly themed on Euroball’s outstanding individuals. Enjoy!

The official blog of the Portland Trail Blazers takes a look at Nicolas “Batum’s new attitude.” Will the Frenchman be mean ‘n’ nasty this season? Well, perhaps not, but the Blazer coaching staff has reportedly been impressed with his development during and since Eurobasket 2009. Ball in Europe is just impressed folks are already making You Tube videos of the man.

Jasmin Repesa is hanging out with the best European team in, um, America: The Team Croatia skipper is informally advising Bryan Colangelo and his Toronto Raptors in Ottawa as the Dinosaurs prep for 2009-10.

From the official Euroleague website, quite a good interview with Travis Hansen of Real Madrid.

Arkansas- (and formerly Turkey-) based sportswriter Evin Demirel contributed a pair of pieces on Little Rock native and current Team Great Britain/Keravnos Nicosia player Jarrett Hart this week – a nice look at a guy that will definitely be making an impact for Britannia, should that squad make the 2012 Olympics.

Our buddies Slam and Freaknick are in the American Midwest this week checking out Partizan (those bastards) but are busy as ever in the blogging game. Here’s their reason to love the Euroleague no. 40.

Yes, Ball in Europe already plugged the new this week, but here’s another shout out for a job well done. Seriously, the next pair you buy should come from there.

Finally, forget Dude Perfect: Check out Chris Paul’s trick shot at The Hoop Doctors.

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