What would Phil read?

What would Phil read?

Another Sunday, another of BallinEurope’s “Best of the (Basketball) Net” column. Lots of interesting stuff hit the interwebs this week, with tons of material for you to read – and that increases by literal volumes should you take our first item to heart…

• Could this be the basketball-related post of all-time or just in this century? The always fun Free Darko this week not only ran Phil Jackson’s reading list for his Los Angeles Lakers (publicly released on Twitter by the Zen Master’s lady/Lakers Executive VP of Business Operations Jeannie Buss on Friday), but analyzed each choice in detail for its individual symbolism and greater message – gotta love the take on Ron Artest getting Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior by, um, Phil Jackson.

• In yet another recent effort to define Dirk Nowitzki’s role in NBA history, sportswriter R.S. De France drew up his quite extensive list of the “All-Time Best International Basketball Players in the NBA.” Is Dirk no. 1? Welllllllllllllll, let’s just say he’s up there.

• Is the Hoops Addict quixotically tilting at windmills for “Defending [Jose] Calderon’s defense”?

• To go along with a very nice interview with Virtus Bologna/Team Georgia forward Viktor Sanikidze over at 48 Minutes of Hell, here’s a bonus fanvid highlight clip:

Lithuania-based Basket News posted a bunch of YouTubes from the VTB United League final four games – unfortunately (for most of us in Europe) all in Lithuanian and next to nothing on the CSKA Moscow-Unics Kazan game. A few highlights of Zalgiris Kaunas and BC Khimki here (including Arvydas Sabonis cameo!):

• In the prediction of the week, the final score in the championship game was CSKA Moscow 75, Unics Kazan 65, marking perhaps the only time this purveyor of fearless predictions actually nailed it. (OK, so Ball in Europe was off by one point…)

• Finally, like most other sporting organizations throughout the world, Euroleague players and clubs are making their contributions to Haiti relief efforts. To contribute to the “Euroleague for Haiti” fund, click here.

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