Whoa, now here’s a strange one from the Maccabi Tel Aviv-New York Knicks game last night. Not only did Pini Gershon earn two technical fouls during the exhibition, not only was the coach ejected, *not only* did Mr. Gershon refuse to leave courtside even after an eight-minute delay, but a honest-to-Jehovah rabbi was brought in to confer with referees about the beleaguered coach.

Said Rabbi Yitchak Dovid Grossman: “I explained that this is not a regular game and the kids are watching and [it's] important that there will be peace and forgive him … But he says this is the law, that you must obey.”

Said Maccabi big man Yaniv Green in deferential hyperbole: “…the crowd likes him very much. They’re coming to the game to see him even more than they’re coming to see us.”

Said guard Nate Robinson: “I’ve never experienced that before, but … there’s a first time for everything I guess.”

Said BallinEurope.com: “That certainly won’t be the last weird thing seen on Madison Square Garden during Knicks games this season.

The Knicks won the game, 106-91.

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