In a new feature on BiE we use game highlights and Coachnote software to break down some key plays from big games. First up it’s Olympiacos and Pinheiros as the Euroleague champions secured an 86-69 victory in the second leg of the Intercontinental Cup final.


  • Early on the Reds had all the room they wanted to work from outside as Pinheiros over-committed to defending the interior. We see from the Coachnote diagrams that Olympiacos could anticipate where the double-team would go and exploit it to make space. Pinheiros settled down later in the first quarter and finally started to make the Reds work for their shots.
  • Mirza Begic brought his size to the table but in the early going it was his off-ball movement that impressed. Where Begic needed work was in his moves once he had the ball. Usually he found an option but it took him most of the game to develop the confidence to attack the basket against inferior defence.
  • Finally we look at the impressive ball movement from Olympiacos in the third quarter. We’ve just taken one example here but this three from Georgios Printezis was just the highlight of a fantastic display of passing by Olympiacos during this phase. It was this movement that pushed the Greeks into a comfortable lead and Pinheiros never looked like challenging again.

Sorry for the sound issues, it’s our first time doing these videos but we’d love to hear your thoughts on any and all improvements we can make.

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