In a recent interview with the CSKA president about the Euroleague board meeting from last 15th January for the Russian website, a lot of very important decision have been taken and we will present those to you right here already before their official announcement by the Euroleague.

  • The format of the Euroleague will probably be changed in order to have more quality games. This means that probably we will see a 4 groups of 6 teams schedule instead of the actual 3 groups of 8. This means that the first phase will have less games and the intense Top16 games will increase. On the other hand, this means also less games for the smaller teams.
  • It is very probable that one of the next Final Fours will be played in Berlin in the brand new O2 World.
  • For the 2008 Final Four in Madrid, 7000 tickets will be sold from which only 3000 will be available online. Good luck for anyone who wants to get one. Every qualified team will have the right for 1000 tickets. And because of higher VAT(16% vs. 7%) in Spain, the ticket prices will be (even) more expensive than for last year’s edition.
  • The board also decided that no Euroleague team will be allowed anymore to play preseason games against NBA teams. The exact reasons for this are not known but some guesses are the "independance" of the Euroleague from the NBA. On the other hand, there may also have been some pressure by the NBA that does not want to come to Europe to lose games.
  • Unfortunately, there has not been any decision on Server capacities of the Euroleague website. At least, the president of CSKA did not talk about it. However, the board was happy about the 260 million visitors of