I grew up in the Jordan era and have/had about 10 pairs of different Jordans – just to be cool and be able to fly like Mike. I was lucky to get the famous Jordan XI (click here to see many more Jordan sneakers) and I wish, I never wore the shoes now..

Lately I have been looking around in Europe again for Jordans – since I always thought there is no way to get Jordans in the U.S. since everybody sleeps in front of the stores to get those shoes (according to a CNN documentary on NIKE’s way to the top).

On every trip I took through Europe the last few weeks I checked out the footlockers and other stores that looked like they would carry Micheal Jordan sneakers and yes you can buy Jordans! The latest thing I saw was the unbelievable pack of two Jordans, called Nike Air Jordan Collezione Countdown Pack, for 300 EUR – hold on – since the Euro is worth 1,50 Dollars starting today this would be $450.

Well you get these two pair of shoes and they are a limited edition so better pull out those Euros.  (side-note: the price in the United States for this pack is $420 equal to 280 EUR – considering the shipping costs to Europe a fair deal.

But there is more to come. The new Nike Air Jordan 23 XXIII XX3. Ray Allen was the first to wear these new Jordans at the All Star Game in New Orleans and after a LONG period of not liking new Jordans I really liked that new pair of basketball sneakers.

Yes, I also checked the local stores and these shoes are available in Europe – for 200 EUR a pair. Yes you heard right. 200 Euros equal to 300 US Dollars. What can you buy for 300 Dollars? What about 20! pairs of Stephon Marbury’s Starbury?  If you haven’t heard about the Marbury’s shoe line – It is basically a high performance shoe for the price of $15.

But back to the Air Jordan XX3 – In the United States this sneaker is being sold for about $185 – do the math: 123 Euros.

So who will buy this – I must say nice looking sneaker – for the, in my mind most expensive sneaker ever?

I have talked to some companies that were selling the Brand Jordan in Europe and really tried to market the brand. After about a year they told me that Basketball – especially Jordan gear is only bought by “sneaker heads” and they will stop  selling it.

If you ask me now why nobody else buys these shoes – check back to see the price of that XX3 ..