Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn reiterated his bold stand on the team’s overall no. 5 NBA draft pick, Spanish wunderkind Ricky Rubio, to the Minnesota Star-Tribune last night.

To wit: Rubio is untouchable in this off-season.

The move by the man they sometimes call KAAAAAAAAAAAAHN prompted Star-Tribune writer Jerry Zgoda to collect quotes on Rubio from some big names in the NBA. If you think BallinEurope is gushy about the Spaniard, check out what folks like King James, Kobe, Pau, Marcin Gortat, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Mike D’Antoni and Flip Saunders have to say about him.

(Here’s the summary: Rubio will be anywhere from “good” to “special” to “amazing” in the NBA; his basketball IQ is well above average; has leadership qualities to go with the proverbial tremendous upside; and his sole weakness appears to be general strength and conditioning.)

More story – and obligatory video featuring the Human YouTube Clip himself, this one with soundtrack by Duran Duran (i know, i know) – below the break.

Meanwhile, BiE must continue to remain skeptical about Rubio ever suiting up for the Timberwolves. After all, Kahn himself assessed last night that his chances of landing an elite free agent – we’re talking Lebron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and Dirk here – are lower than some other NBA clubs: “If we had a culture of winning here, it would help,” Kahn said. “But I don’t believe people will look at our team and say we aren’t building here.”

Now the question is: Will Rubio look at the Timberwolves and not see that they aren’t building … or see that they are building … or … someone should help me cut through that double negative…

An easier question might be, “Will Rubio come to a mid-sized NBA team that finished 2010 on a 1-22 (give or take) run, followed by another .333-ish season?”

Kahn also promised to scout Nikola Pekovic during the NBA post-season – presumably during the Greek league playoffs, then – along with coach Kurt Rambis now that, thanks to Darko Milicic, “We’ve learned, even though it doesn’t show in wins and losses, how helpful it is to have a 7-footer with Darko’s skill set, particularly how he can block shots. That now is locked. We’ll have to have something like that.”

Well, that and a lucky pingpong ball bounce or three.

Finally, on Rubio’s potential rival for the starting point guard position (someday), Rambis stated that “In terms of our players who have grown this season, Jonny [Flynn] has made the most significant strides. So much was thrown at him. If he continues to improve throughout his career, the way he’s done this year, the sky is the limit for him.”

Whoa, headache on the horizon there.

To reiterate: Kahn won’t trade Rubio. Unless some makes “a stupid offer.”

And no one else on the Minnesota Timberwolves is untouchable.

Not even Darko, Mr. Kahn?

Frustrating time to be a Timberwolves fan…

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