Hard to believe it’s open us — this season just flew by, it feels like, but nevertheless the beginning of the end tips off in about 40 minutes. Can Olympiacos win the biggest must-win of all to complete their amazing run? Or will CSKA Moscow, a team of destiny even before signing Andrei Kirilenko, earn the second piece to what’s looking like a unique triple crown year? Chat with us here about the possibilities from now through game’s end right here.

And then Cover It Live blew up, crashed, imploded, etc. As did Twitter and Facebook, probably. Unbelievable. Without hyperbole, simply one of the greatest comebacks in a season and game BiE has ever seen. Maybe 10 minutes of basketball action that summarized Olympiacos’ incredible never-say-die 2011-12 Euroleague season. Words fail me and everyone here. What just happened…? BiE’ll have to sleep on it. If i can, after that.

Just. Incredible.

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