Remember the problems Loren had last season for not going to a game with his club Istanbul because of the problems in Serbia?

EFES Pilsen shocked just before the away game against Partizan which will be played Thursday, as four of the American players, Drew Nicholas, Loren Woods, Rashad Wright and Andre Hutson, refused to go Serbia due to security reasons.

After this, Loren Woods left Europe and went back to the NBA and the Houston Rockets, where he played 17 minutes total in seven games and scored 6 points.

Now Loren is back in Europe and probably choose a club that’s in big trouble: Zalgiris Kaunas. Jonas told us yesterday that they only care about the Euroleague and don’t have enough money to pay their players. Loren is still there and just did this during a game:

I really don’t want to defend Loren at all, but if you do not get paid and in some way you have to stick with your club (not playing at all is not a solution unless the WHOLE team does it), you can get frustrated easily. BallinEurope reader and betting expert Arvids from Lithuania tells us that Loren Woods has been fined for €2,500 so far. Still, it’s not a good decision to hit a guy twice and totally freak out as Loren did. I wonder what will happen concerning Euroleague play.

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