Taking the Charge podcast seriesEpisode #30 in the heinnews/BallinEurope co-produced weekly podcast series Taking the Charge and now available online.

And, as cool as the prospect of breaking down the Euroleague quarterfinal round matchups with Sam Meyerkopf of the excellent Euroleague Adventures and David “The Hardest-Working Journo in European Basketball” Hein is, even more exciting is the news that *finally* Taking the Charge is available on iTunes.

To subscribe from this episode ad infinitum, enter http://heinnews.com/feed/taking-the-charge/ into iTunes or any podcast aggregator.

Ultimately, this could be the Greatest 2½-Hour Euroleague-centered Podcast Which Also Includes A Sports Movie review (in this case, the independently-produced 2008 film Sugar) of All-Time — a genuine classic…< /in-joke >

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