Lots of people tell me that European teams have really ugly jerseys. I agree to this, when you see some teams playing with sponsor logos all over the place. But without the sponsors, some jerseys can look really good. To see the best one, just check down here.

Chorale de Roanne is probably the most unknown team in this year’s Euroleague season. I guess any normal European basketball fan can name the starting 5 of the team, and I even doubt if Ball in Europe co-write Julien can name it without checking the net.

So if you don’t have well-known and star players, just make them looking good, or something in this direction must have been thought by the responsible of the Marketing section of the French team. Together with a famous US Brand, that designed already some legendary shoes, the Euroleague newcomer presented a very stylish Jersey for the Euroleague season to come.

I really like this old-school design, and I think it is one of the best-looking basketball jerseys ever. Of course, it is not the traditional Boston green or Lakers Purple but it is far better than the new FC Barcelona away-shirt which is only a slight improvement from last year’s neon-yellow. The fans of Roanne are also agreeing with my opinion as they voted 67.5% in favor of the new jersey on their club’s Homepage.