Several web sites have picked up the story about Ibrahim Jaaber, who had a great season last year in Roma and will play with Brandon Jennings again.

The web sites say that Jaaber signed two contracts this season – one with Lottomatica Roma and another with Panionios Athens.

As this Greek web site reported, Lottomatica will pay €400,000 – as much as $550,000 – to keep Jaaber on the team.

Does this sound reasonable? We really have no information about Ibrahim’s salary with Roma, but I’m sure that it won’t be more than double the money that Roma should pay to Panionios to call Ibrahim their player. As good as Ibrahim might be, you will not pay that kind of money to keep a player like him.

We also have no information about Jaaber’s agent, but I am sure he can’t be stupid enough to make Ibrahim sign two contracts.

After asking Roma officials, this is what Roma has to say:

As far as I know, Jaaber is a player of Lottomatica Roma at all effects. He has signed a contract only with Lottomatica Roma.
The paper that he had supposedly signed with Panionios is not a valid contract.

As mythbuster would say: Myth BUSTED!

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