BallinEurope finally got some time to catch up on some past-due internet reading this weekend, including the immortal Javier Gancedo’s interview with Euroleague Top 16 assist leader Vladimir Micov of Bennet Cantù, perhaps the revelation of European basketball in 2011-12. In the Q&A, Micov touches on subjects including his personal success, Cantù fans and the upcoming match against Maccabi Tel Aviv. But it’s the answer to the following question which will truly capture the imaginations of the dunk-centric fan…

EL: Is it true that you never dunk? And if so, why not?

Micov: I don’t know [he says laughing]. It looks I am the only player ever to not like dunking! When I was really young, 15 or 16, and playing basketball in Serbia, people asked me if playing in the NBA was my dream. I said it wasn’t and okay, even if Michael Jordan was my idol – not only for me, but for all young players – I didn’t like the NBA from the beginning. European basketball is totally different than that. I am not so athletic, I cannot jump much and do all those things. I never liked the NBA and I find it takes a lot of energy to dunk. Everyone jokes about it – “Why don’t you dunk?” – but to me, it is just expending energy. Why do I have to dunk? Two points is two points. That’s my theory.

Vladimir, meet Yao Ming.

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