Right, things will be tipping off shortly in London with eight teams remaining in bids for a podium spot. And with the votes in and brackets fashioned, let’s see what BallinEurope contributors (including David Hein, Enrico Cellini and Sam Chadwick) and readers find in their own crystal balls…

Gold medal: USA (with 86% of votes)
So probably the only surprise here is that it wasn’t unanimous. Dissenting votes were logged for Spain and Russia, though the latter may carry a bit of an asterisk. The sole voice liking the Reds to take it all was commentator El Diablo from Australia (!) who took his home side to win the gold, then backed down, explaining “I still reckon that Russia will beat the US, assuming Shevd doesn’t lose his shit again…

Silver medal: Russia (37.5%) or Spain (33.3%)
Apparently, BiE wasn’t the only one impressed with Russia’s matchups against Spain in game four – not to mention these Reds’ grace under pressure. El Diablo’s call of Russian gold and one pro-Spain bracket were the only two to prospectively award the silver to Team USA, while LG’s intriguing vision of an “all Group A semifinals” puts Lithuania in 2nd in those predictions. Argentina also got one nod for bronze along with one negative vote via the BallinEurope Facebook page: “A lot of people predict Russia in the final. There is no way this will happen.”

Bronze medal: Argentina (54.5%)
While the majority sided with Ginobili’s guys to finish third, brackets had all manner of alternative suggestions, including Russia, Spain, France (also BiE’s choice) and the USA. The last word here, however, should go to Aleksandras Svabas. In putting his home-nation Lithuania at the podium, Aleksandras comments simply that “Optimism is good.”

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