Sure, BiE’ll help out a longtime player, if only for his awesome and audacious marketing skills. An email arrived in the BallinEurope inbox entitled simply “The Best Unsigned Basketball Player Alive: Dre Baldwin” (has Allen Iverson heard about this?) and included quite a nice résumé compiled over seven years.

After college stints at Division II schools Penn State Abington and Altoona University, “Dre All Day” got his first professional gig in Kaunas, Lithuania; he’s since gone on to log minutes in Guadalajara, Mexico; Herceg Novi, Montenegro; and Stuttgart, Germany, among other locations plus enjoyed a turn with the Harlem Ambassadors international barnstorming club.

And when Baldwin hasn’t been plying his trade in some far-flung locale, he’s creating workout programs for youth ballers; his YouTube account featuring his tip-touting videos has over 30,000 subscribers and has run up over 17 million views in 5½ years. He’s also got a pair of websites running, and, to this end in addition to his personal ‘site.

The problem? As Dre puts it, “Despite my growing brand and certified skills on the court, I still have not been able to stay consistently employed by professional basketball clubs, though I very much want to be.”

Baldwin is currently signed with no club; he attempted to get with the NBA D-League’s Sioux Falls Sky Force this autumn, with results that he discusses below.

Okay, so here’s his fuller description of what ultimately went down, via Facebook post:

Geared up for tryouts in 2010

“The D-League Draft is on Friday; I’ve already been informed that the Sioux Falls Sky Force won’t be bringing me to Training Camp.

“I am looking into getting myself into the D-League player pool, from which all players are eligible to join teams as free agents, invites, etc. (you do not just sign outright to a team in the D-League; you must be in the ‘player pool’ to play for any club). As for the Sky Force, it’s their team and pro basketball is business – a company has the choice of hiring whomever they wish. We may cross paths again and we may not.

“This is not what I planned on happening but such is life – reality conflicts with your expectations, you adjust and keep moving. The most important thing for any situation is to keep moving.

“There are a lot of ball players … that stop reaching for what they want at points like this that I am experiencing. But that is just not who I am as a person. Nothing against those that choose to walk away when the things not going their way pile up – many of these people are good friends of mine – everything ain’t for everybody and we all have our own path. I am ambitious, persistent and stubborn. That is who I am and that will never change.

“I made a name for myself amongst bball players and fans not from what teams I was on or who decided they wanted me, but from taking control of situations and making something out of nothing … The ONLY way to have real power in this world is to take as much control as you possibly can over your own life and circumstances – ask any successful person you know about this and they’ll confirm it.”

In currently seeking employment, Baldwin is doing things the 21st-century way: He’s got an online petition active to garner some vocal support to get him into an NBA training camp, and his new one-man Twitter campaign is hashtagged #SignDreBaldwin.

So how about it, European clubs? Anyone looking to take on a speedy guard with high basketball IQ and gobs of tenacity? A few highlight clips from Baldwin’s collection run below.

In the meantime, BallinEurope wishes Dre the best of luck – it’s hard to imagine a guy this motivated can’t find a home before 2012-13 ends…

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