Another week is over. We tried to find the best conversion to show what team gets the most out of their European players. Last week we only ranked the teams based on the eff statistics. This time we thought we want to break down each player to their eff. per played minute. Adding these numbers up would help us to see what NBA team really profits from their Euros. To give you a little bit more insight I will talk the Top Ten players first:

Just in case you have not hear of this weeks number one – he is French and a Rookie: Ian Mahinmi!. Ian played an average of 3.8 minutes and got a 4.3 avg in eff. which makes him the number one this week. Jose Calderon could have probably been Number one this week if he continued his good performance against Philadelphia and Orlando. Against Chicago he played 18 minutes with 0 points – well he even did not take one shot. Of course I feature Tony Parker on 6th, Dirk on 8th, and Kirilenko on 3rd while Hedo Turkoglu got the 9th spot. But hey, who would not had expected these names in the Top Ten Euro ranking? Ronny Turiaf is on 5th place in this weeks Top Ten Euros in the NBA for his eff of 20 in 35.1 minutes.

1. I. Mahinmi, 1.13
2. J. Calderon, 0.78
3. A. Kirilenko, 0.77
4. S. Vujacic, 0.58
5. R. Turiaf, 0.57
6. T. Parker, 0.57
7. L. Kleiza, 0.57
8. D. Nowitzki, 0.55
9. H. Turkoglu, 0.54
10. G. Giricek, 0.53

Lets look at this week’s NBA team ranking concerning the European “help”:

The San Antonio Spurs lead the Top Ten this week which should not be surprising with two out of three players in the Top Ten. Francisco Elson added his eff per minute to give them the lead in front of the Utah Jazz. Dirk Nowitzki puts the Mavericks on 3rd all by himself, while Turkoglu does the same for the Orlando Magic to lift them on 4th.

Here is this week’s full ranking:

1. San Antonio Spurs, 0.70
2. Utah Jazz, 0.56
3. Dallas Mavericks, 0.55
4. Orlando Magic, 0.54
5. Los Angeles Lakers. 0.53
6. Toronto Raptors, 0.50
7. Denver Nuggets, 0.48
8. Milwaukee Bucks. 0.44
9. Washington Wizards, 0.39
10. Minnesota Timberwolves, 0.38

Just in case you are proud of your country and search for a way to brag today, I made you a Top Ten List of European countries with their respective NBA players:

This week’s number one country: Russia – well at least now you know why they won the European Championship this summer. Does this also mean that Spain is second? WRONG. Spain did not even make the Top Ten and is 11th thanks to 0 from Navarro and an -0.3 from Rodriguez.
Remember Italy’s disaster at the European Championship? They are definitely out for a ticket to the Olympics. That’s maybe why Belinelli and Bargnani only one place in front of Serbia – who are LAST in this week’s European country ranking. Good job Peja and Pavlovic!

1. Russia, 0.57
2. Germany, 0.55
3. Croatia, 0.53
4. France, 0.50
5. Latvia,0.49
6. Lithuania, 0.48
7. Turkey, 0.47
8. Netherlands, 0.42
9. UK, 0.39
10. Serbia & Montenegro, 0.39

Oh – just in case – those are “only” stats – pure stupid numbers – don’t take it too serious :) . Also, all these statistics would never be on BallinEurope without Jorje from - Thanks Jorje!