Crvena Zvezda NIJT 2014 champions

Crvena Zvezda claimed the NIJT title for 2014, comfortably disposing of Real Madrid in Sunday’s final in Milano. Emmet Ryan reports.

I had really planned on going to most of the NIJT this year. Unfortunately I slept in for three days straight. On the fourth and final day I got up on time, only to find how poor the train service is in Milan on a Sunday. Still, BiE managed to make it to the final with 2 minutes left in the opening period,

The tone of the game was already set. Real had one way to score and one way only. Willie Niang was the beginning, middle, and end of their offence. It was depressingly one dimensional but Crvena Zvezda took the guts of two quarters to punish them. Once they did, it was obvious that Real wouldn’t get back into it.

Aleksandar Arantiovic was the most outstanding player for Zvezda as they pushed ahead to leave little doubt entering the final frame. The final 55-42 margin was, if anything, kind on Madrid who lacked zest on offence throughout.

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