The newspaper published an interesting article on their Kings’ blog about what Brad Miller thinks about Beno Udrih’s style.

What Beno calls style, Brad calls something else. Kings center Brad Miller has been giving Udrih a hard time about his fashion, and his ridiculing became public on Sunday.

“He’s a typical, goofy European with tight pants, tight clothes – pretty standard,” Miller said with a laugh.

A metrosexual, one might say?

“Definitely a metrosexual,” Miller said. “He has the nice accent. He’s telling us, ‘This team was loaded with lots of Europeans before (in the days of Peja Stojakovic, Hedo Turkoglu etc.), so everybody knows what’s going on.”

I am really wondering what is going on with Brad Miller. Don’t get me wrong – I know this is joking around between teammates – so let’s keep it funny and talk a little bit about Brad Miller’s fashion, right?

Brad – is this what you call fashion? Ok maybe a bad example so let’s see what else you call fashion – well some people might also call is scary:

But the best way to make people like Brad Miller realize what is really going on is what Beno answered: “I told (the guys who give him a hard time), ‘Don’t be jealous that you can’t wear these pants,” Udrih said. “I mean, where I come from is close to Italy, where there’s so much fashion. Something comes out (in the fashion world) here like it’s brand new, and we had it a year before.”

So if any American has some questions about fashion (or hair cuts), just let me know I am kind of right here in Italy ;) .