The likes of Lebron James and Kevin Durant might be interested in hearing some fighting words dispatched by German soccer coach Dieter Hecking last weekend.

Folks at the Deutscher Basketball Bund were aghast yesterday at the FC Nuremberg coach’s assessment that “This is a man’s sport; we’re not playing basketball.”

Commented the German federation’s Facebookers, “…it is sad and shows great ignorance that professional sports coaches [may make] untrue statements. But perhaps all is not lost for Mr. Hecking and we therefore make the following offer: We invite Mr. Hecking to a [BBL] or Euroleague game in Bamberg (so he doesn’t have to travel far). And then we will question him about his statement again. Or maybe common training times should be made for [soccer and basketball players]? This would be difficult, because footballers train only three times a week for 60 minutes…”

Shout out to BallinEurope contributing sportswriter David Hein of heinnews for the tip!

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