This one has little to do with European basketball but is simply too bizarre to go without reportage – of course it is: Dennis Rodman’s involved.

In a move that’s quite a far cry from U.S. president Barack Obama’s famed “basketball diplomacy” and which may finally redefine the term “reality TV,” Rodman, a trio of Harlem Globetrotters and “a film crew from the Vice media company are visiting [North Korea] to shoot footage for a TV show set to air on HBO.”

Said TV show will feature the activities of a kids’ sport club run by the four ballers and “competing alongside North Korea’s top athletes in an exhibition match they hope will be attended by the leader, Kim Jong-un.”

The London-based Guardian goes on to report without irony that Rodman & Co.’s venture is “the second high-profile US visit this year to North Korea, a country with which it technically remains at war following the Korean war. The visit comes two weeks after North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test in defiance of UN bans against atomic and missile activity.”

Now this could get interesting, particularly if Rodman brings along his old buddy Jean-Claude Van Damme to engage in a little covert activity…

The HBO documentary featuring The Globetrotters and The Worm is scheduled to air in the U.S. on April 5.

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