Ramunas Siskauskas

I am sure many of you have already figured out that Ramunas is the winner of our tournament. Overall it was a great event and it was even cooler to have you guys vote for them.

Why did we wait for a few days until we officially publish the final result? Our great artist Matt Dyck needed a few days to draw our picture.

We are really happy with what Matt did – being in this business for a few years now, I know that you probably never get what is in your head – either because you can’t describe it or the designer just can’t put it to the papers. Well Matt can – and once again did a great job.

So what is next? We will fly to Madrid on Friday, with a shirt for Ramunas Sikauskas in our suit cases and give it to him during the Final Four. If Ramunas is a cool guy, I am sure he will also love to have shirt like that.

Who else wants a shirt like this? Well, since we love it so much – we will send it out to some hand picked people that have been supporting BallinEurope that much that we will make it to BallinEurope’s first Final Four!

We also want to thank the Basketball label 43, which already prints our shirts and will also try their best to print the shirts for Madrid – I guess we will get a 2XL for Ramunas?