February Madness extends to the second division as well, it seems. The quarterfinals of the NBV Cup, a regional tourney in Germany, were brought to an abrupt halt on Sunday when the spirit of Darryl Dawkins was exhumed dramatically.

With BTB Royals Oldenburg up 15-14 on SC Norderstedt after about five minutes of play, Stefan Groothoff found himself with quite the opportunity to slam down a couple more points. Of course, as someone once said, “that s*** was *too* easy” and the result was a literal explosion of glass as the backboard is utterly exterminated.

The aftermath

The Royals have announced that the team coaches have agreed to replay the game, which was stopped after Groothoff’s destruction; the team also announced that Groothoff was treated at a hospital for various cuts and abrasions directly after the game.

And now witness the awesomeness.

A shoutout to the always amazing Christophe of European Prospects for the YouTube link!

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