It’s the secret desire of every professional basketball player: To blow off the obligations of the court and just, you know, shake that groove thing with the team’s cheerleaders.

Okay, so maybe the likes of Kobe Bryant aren’t actually into dance team dancing, but in Germany, Torrell Martin found a way to wow the crowd while sitting out a recent playoff game with Eisbären Bremerhaven despite nursing a hand injury. Check out the former Winthrop Eagle/Kepez Belediye stud at center of the cowboy-themed number presented by the lady Eisbären below.

Though this particular show by Martin is unique in its brazenness, this guy has always shown a penchant for performance. Below, the player does his bit in the education of youth, helpfully chipping in with some thespiary improve for a high school.

Finally, perhaps knowing of his impending performance with the Bremerhaven dance team, Martin amused observers before a January game by showing the assembled how to dougie.

With a CV like this already getting built up, Martin could well be looking at a career in entertainment once he hangs up the sneakers, eh?

Thanks to Christophe of EuropeanProspects for the tip!

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