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Basketball Movies in 2012: The winner of the Oscar (Robertson) for Television Documentary is…

On this day/evening of the 85th Academy Awards over in Hollywood, BallinEurope in turn celebrates excellence in basketball-centric films of 2012. Third of the four Oscar (Robertson) Awards to be given here is for the category of Best Television Documentary.

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Coach Rodman says commissioner Stern favors European players

On the eve of his coaching (!) debut for the Elmira (N.Y.) Bulldogs of the Eastern Basketball Alliance, Dennis Rodman was ready with many a quotable quote for his new hometown press in New York State; BallinEurope’s attention was piqued when ol’ Tennis Ball Head called out NBA Commissioner David “El Hefe” Stern while hyping up his own boys:

“David Stern does a great job,” proclaimed Rodman as reported by Brian Fees of The Daily Review, “but where he goes wrong is I don’t think they give American athletes a real opportunity. They are always looking for European players. I think Americans should have a chance to get to the NBA.”

Um, okay, Worm.

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