EURO-NBA: Marc leads Grizzlies past Celtics, tight loss for T-Wolves

After a weekend filled with double-doubles and topped by a trip-dub from Batman, Monday was a much quiter affair for the NBA’s European contingent.

Marc Gasol scored 14 points and snagged 8 rebounds in the performance of the night by a European. The Spaniard helped Memphis eke out a 95-88 win over the Celtics. Kosta Koufos got 13 minutes on the court, picking up 3 points, 2 assists, and 2 boards in the process. Boston remain winless.

Ricky Rubio could steal but left his shot at home as the Timberwolves fell 93-92 to the Cavs. La Pistola was anything but effective on the open floor, shooting just 0-7. Rubio’s 5 steals and 5 assists meant he was still contributing to the T-Wolves on offence but he scored just 4 points on the night, all from the line. Nikola Pekovic grabbed 12 rebounds to go along with his 8 points but he shot a ghastly 3-12 from the field as the T-Wolves lost by the narrowest of margins.

Omer Asik and the Rockets saw their unbeaten start to the season come to a screeching halt as the Clippers rolled to a 137-118 win. Asik had 6 points and 7 boards in 23 minutes on the court. Donatas Motiejunas got 5 minutes game time and missed his only shot.

Finally Nenad Nedovic played a minor role as the Warriors ended Philadelphia’s unbeaten start to the season. Nedovic picked up 2 points and a rebound in 12 minutes for Golden State as the rolled to a 110-90 win.


The BallinEurope Eurocentric NBA preview: 25 storylines to watch

Storyline #15

BallinEurope’s said it before and fully expects to say it again: Better late than never. Stuff like podcast recording, the day job and, you know, life, has delayed the release of this season’s “Eurocentric preview.” BiE figures he’s morally convinced, since 80% of the NBA hasn’t tipped off as of this writing.

We’re doing something slightly different for 2012-13; rather than a team-by-team breakdown of the NBA and its 50-plus Europeans in the rolls, BiE instead presents the 25 storylines this website will attempt to keep tabs on as the 2012-13 edition of the NBA enfolds. Enjoy the season (unless you’re in the Twitter Airlines NBA fantasy league, in which case BiE’ll attempt to seek misplaced vengeance for his general incompetence in the Euroleague game…)!

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Taking stock of European players in the NBA, 2012-13

Koufos one of four Euronuggets

BallinEurope will be celebrating NBA Opening Day with lots of stuff centered on the big league; firstly, BiE takes stock of Continental ballers in the ‘States.

Taking a look at this year’s roundup, we note that 53 Europeans have been named to NBA clubs’ 15-man roster, just beating the pace of the 52 listed in 2010-11. (BiE didn’t take the tally for last season because, you know, things were kinda confusing during the lockout and all…)

And quite a few teams have seriously European-tinted rosters: Five teams go into the 2012-13 NBA season with four Continental players – and of these 20 players, perhaps only Sasha Pavlovic and Evan Fournier are marginalized at the lower end of the 15-man rosters. If one includes Ty Lawson as an honorary Lithuanian (for at least one more season), the Denver Nuggets could put an all-Euro squad on the floor with Lawson heading up an admittedly odd lineup of Fournier, Danilo Gallinari, Kosta Koufos and Timofey Mozgov.

The team-by-team breakdown goes as follows.

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Curtis Stinson, formerly of Split, Aris, wins D-League MVP: What does it mean?

The tweet from Draft Express rang out at 4.30am CET and posed quite the complex question. To wit: “What does Curtis Stinson – a guy no team in the NBA or Europe has any interest in – winning MVP of the D-League, say about the D-League?

Such consternation clearly comes from one with an encyclopedic memory, because even for hoops diehards outside of Iowa, the man’s name will mostly elicit an answer of “huh?”

After writing his name throughout the Iowa State Cyclones record book, Stinson went undrafted in 2006 and could not stick with the Golden State Warriors after playing summer league ball with them. And so Stinson took a route familiar to many such players post-NCAA: He sought a job in Europe.

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The European Player of the Year nominees are…

BallinEurope says: Vote for Kanter!

BallinEurope says: Vote for Kanter!

The nominees are in over at FIBA Europe and, with the exception of one (or two, thanks to Rubiomania) categories, voting could be pretty tight in the FIBA Europe Player of the Year 2009.

Yes, Pau Gasol and Ricky Rubio are on the list in a threat to become repeat winners in the Male POY and Male Youth POY categories – one wonders how many consecutive awards Gasol will rack up playing with the NBA’s favorite to take the next, what, two or three titles – but the latter may see some threats from a strong field and the women’s categories should be a democratic fight to the finish indeed.

The FIBA Europe press release, nominees in each category, and official endorsements follow the break. Click on the links at the beginning of each category to vote over at

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Best of the (basketball) net: Food-and-retro edition

For your edification and amusement, Ball in Europe presents seven stories, interviews, blog entries and whatnot definitively worth a little of your time on a Sunday. Read on, compliments of us and a bunch of hard-working writers out there.

The Los Angeles Times was intrigued enough by the blogging activities of Coleman Collins – he formerly of Virginia Tech, now with Ulm in the Bundesliga – at True Hoop that he got a writeup in the prestigious paper’s food section. “Hoop dreams, Ramen reality” should give some insight into why; anyone else dig the food court at Germany’s IKEAs?

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After the Olympics: What’s the future of Greece?

The Olympic Games 2008 are history but the next basketball events for the national teams are just around the corner: Eurobasket 2009, World Championships 2010 and of course London 2012. takes a look at the current situation of Europe’s Olympic participants and gives an outlook into their future. To start, we are analyzing the situation in Greece.

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Is being drafted still worth it?

With the NBA Draft 2008 approaching, I was wondering if it’s still a dream to be drafted by a NBA team. The decline of the US dollar and the financial improvement of top European clubs has reduced the gap between NBA franchises and the top teams of The Continent.

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The NBA Draft Euro Lottery

Alea jacta est in the NBA Draft lottery and the first pick of the 2008 NBA Draft will be made by the Chicago Bulls. The second choice goes to the Miami Heat and third one is the Minnesota Timberwolves. We won’t go too deep into the order right now, but here are a few thoughts.

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