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Basketball Movies in 2012: The winner of the Oscar (Robertson) for Television Documentary is…

On this day/evening of the 85th Academy Awards over in Hollywood, BallinEurope in turn celebrates excellence in basketball-centric films of 2012. Third of the four Oscar (Robertson) Awards to be given here is for the category of Best Television Documentary.

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“Jeremy Tyler: The Movie” in year three of production, seeks funding

Amidst a recent run of great basketball documentary productions, the story of a hoops maverick continues on to its third country in as many years: A production of Andrew Gallery and Cavelight Films, “My Life: Chasing the Dream” seeks to tell the story of former San Diego High baller Jeremy Tyler.

Indeed, now that Tyler has escaped the glare of American and international media, things even seem to be looking up for the lad a bit. Followers may recall that Tyler made sports history in 2008 when he decided to eschew his senior year of high school in San Diego – publicly stating he was bored and sought new challenges – to play professional basketball abroad while waiting two seasons to enter the NBA draft.

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Jeremy Tyler to resurface in Japan for 2010-11 season

Jeremy Tyler, the San Diego high-schooler baller who decided to take his talents to Israel as a 17-year-old, now hopes to reemerge as a viable high pick in the NBA draft by way of Japan.

Now 19, Tyler will be playing the 2010-11 season with the oddly named Tokyo Apache and former NBA coach Bob Hill in Japan’s first division.

Quoted as saying he was “bored” with San Diego-area basketball and gaining the assistance of Brandon Jennings’ agent Sonny Vaccaro, Tyler managed to score a one-year, $140,000 deal from Israeli club Maccabi Haifa for 2009-10.

Despite a few good individual showings in October and November, by February the playing time given to Tyler had evaporated to almost nil thanks to a poor attitude. After a string of DNPs, Maccabi Haifa officials reportedly “asked Jeremy to find another team” in March.

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Tyler drops agency, agent drops Tyler; spin machine on phenom continues

With a couple of months left to go in most European basketball seasons, 18-year-old Jeremy Tyler is without a team and without defined plans for his future. He’s also now minus two agents.

Bernie Lee, one of Tyler’s legal representatives (and in fact the key player in negotiations with Maccabi Haifa, the club who signed the San Diego high school baller), has informed the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper that he will no longer represent Tyler.

“Jeremy has terminated Wasserman [Media Group],” explained Tyler. “I’m going to make the decision on my own to decline to work with Jeremy.” Sports agency Wasserman provided a second rep to Tyler beyond Lee’s independent representation.

Lee still managed to be publicly positive about the youngster, stating that “If Jeremy does the work, his potential and the things that are going to be open to him are limitless,” while parroting the common critique of Tyler, i.e. his lack of discipline, saying that Tyler “has to make the decision to do the work. I can send him anywhere in the world that he would want to go, but unless he understands what it takes on a day-to-day basis, it’s not going to matter.”

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Jeremy Tyler watch: Wait ’til next year!

It’s official: 18-year-old American phenom Jeremy Tyler has washed out with Israeli club Maccabi Haifa but will stay in Europe next season to further his career and heighten his currently well-low standing on 2011 NBA Draft boards.

Tyler, as you may recall (funny how the early hype machine mysteriously went really silent for a long time there), was the prospective senior-year high school student in San Diego forewent his final year of schooling to pay professional ball in Europe. With some assistance from Sonny Vaccaro, he who helped orchestrate Brandon Jennings’ stint with Lottomatica Roma, Tyler managed to score a one-year, $140,000 deal from BSL team Maccabi Haifa.

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Jeremy Tyler to Olympiacos?

We’ve already discussed 17-year-old high school kid Jeremy Tyler, who wants to play in Europe for two years in order to prepare himself for the NBA. Originally, he was put in contact with teams in Spain, Italy and Israel. But today, the New York Times published an article reporting that the man who arranged the deal will fly to Athens.

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Coming next season to Europe: 2011 NBA No. 1 Draft Pick

Well, the expected has already taken hold: Just like Brandon Jennings this past off-season, an American has decided to forgo college to play professionally in Europe. Only this time, unlike Jennings who graduated high school only to decline a scholarship at Arizona, Jeremy Tyler is leaving high school early to head to the Continent. Continue Reading…