Well, that’ll end those rumors for the time being … Despite the fact that would-be prospective Virtus Roma sponsor AshleyMadison.com has gone so far as to design a jersey for the basketball club (pictured at right) and the Vatican itself has come out decrying the controversial choice of commercial backer, the actual raison de être for the chatter has denied he’s involved.

Andrea Bargnani, he on whom Virtus Roma would be investing much of the reported €1.5 million sponsorship deal, today tweeted the following:

“Voglio solo far sapere a tutti I miei tifosi e a chiunque abbia letto I quotidiani durante questi giorni…

“Che sono completamente estraneo a qualsiasi cosa sia stata scritta o attribuita su di me o a me da un mese a questa parte…”

So, more or less: “I want all my fans and all who have been reading the newspapers lately that I am not involved in any news written or attributed to me for the past month.”
Life may be short, according to Ashley Madison, but some of these rumors involving NBA players in Europe have existences that’ll soon be measured in picoseconds…

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