A few in-house items to announce to readers this morning:

• First, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Yes, there will be prizes for the winners of the BallinEurope Invitational Challenge. An honorary gold medal today – no, that’s *not* the prize; i haven’t decided what the prize is yet – goes to Radallo. Radallo’s BAZ_&_MEZ outdid Meet The Boss’ well-publicized risk-taking lineup in the last week by a score of 173.2-150.8 and thus widened his lead atop the table.

Basketball by John Robertson

"Basketball" by John Robertson

The major development of Top 16 Week 6 play in the BiE Challenge was Zafman’s outstanding play. Zafman’s Zafman_Berlin team (the Zafman Berliners?) took the final week and managed to outscore SamWong’s Hyperlogic by just enough – at 182.0-141.4, just over 40 points – to leapfrog into third place by a mere 31 or so.

Radallo and SamWong, please send a mailing address and favorite Euroleague team (if any) to ballineurope@yahoo.com. As for my team and the results of the BiE Invitational League, i’ll lament about my utterly useless excuse for a fantasy team sometime on the weekend. As for *your* prize, Mr. Bossman Fantasy Expert, we’ll talk.

• Second, if any of BiE’s Europe-side readers are awake (perhaps still awake?) at the ungodly hour of 4.30am CET or America-based visitors are tuned into TNT’s late show, BiE will be contributing to the wackiness that is ESPN’s True Hoop live blog for the Sacramento Kings-Portland Trail Blazers game (though surely BiE won’t resist Phoenix Suns-Los Angeles Lakers). Follow this link to contribute; the live blog will be posted here sometime later today and will “go live” a bit before East Coast games tip off at 1am EST.

• Last and certainly not least, BallinEurope’s Sam Chadwick will be doing the good thing on Sunday while the rest of y’all are probably nursing hangovers (not that BiE would ever be in that situation): Sam will be running the Silverstone Half-Marathon for Cancer Research UK. He’s also seeking supporters/contributors to pledge to a good cause, so please click here if interested in doing so.

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