Where *do* they come from...?

Where *do* they come from...?

For this week’s edition of “Best of the (Basketball) Net,” Ball in Europe goes multimedia with a collection of videos, podcasts, mix “tapes” and a bit of – gasp! – actual writing about the game we love.

Casey Jacobsen clearly and simply enumerates the differences between playing ball in “The NBA vs. Europe” once and for all over at Slam Online. Any questions?

How do Malaysians, Israelis and Australians become Phoenix Suns fans? An interesting look at Suns devotees from (and/or based) around the world starts here at ValleyOfTheSuns.com.

Who else remembers MJ going for 63 in Boston Garden? Slam Dunk Central does – and you will, too, if you’re just experiencing this lightning in a bottle for the first time.

Slam and Freaknick’s podcast this week has ESPN.com contributor Jonah Keri talking about Yanks playing ball in Europe, Keri’s happy marriage, the US’ general disinterest in European football and basketball, Paris, and the usual shenanigans.

Even if you’re not old enough to remember cassettes (“That’s right, young feller, back in the ‘80s, we had this thing called a ‘Walkman’…”), you’ll surely enjoy “Das ultimative FIVE Warmup Mixtape” at FIVE Magazine – volume 1 and volume 2.

The Starting Five provide their angle on the Michael Beasley situation, including an important message that goes beyond the game: “finances are necessary, but they do not make me who I am, nor do they bring happiness.”

Finally, we’ll end on a perfect note: Dude Perfect, to be precise (courtesy Hoop Doctors and Dime magazine). Talk about your Jordanesque performances…

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