BallinEurope would like to wish a very merry Christmas to the readers out there, with hopes that your holiday season is loaded with food, drink, love – and basketball!

While the NBA is making this last item a reality with a swell slate of five games and a special Christmas-themed episode of the “Taking the Charge” podcast series will be posted later today, BiE brings even more season’s greetings from throughout the basketball universe. Among those sitting on BiE’s virtual mantelpiece are the following.

Among some great stuff for the holidays, BiE’s favorite must be “The 12 Dunks of Christmas,” a production from The NOC featuring streetballer Special FX.

University of Tennessee Athletics delivers a dope dubstep-accented remix of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies; just put it on play and ignore the insane animation…

Going the more traditional route – though with similar animation style – are some University of Arizona Wildcats doing “Feliz Navidad.”

And the guys from Marquette recite that old literary gem “Twas the Night before Christmas.”

But BiE’s still treasures last year’s recitation by Darko Milicic in that inimitable fashion which has characterized his entire NBA career…

Did you know that there are enough NBA Christmas songs (heck, BiE didn’t even know the term “NBA Christmas songs” could be coined) to fill an album? The Basketball Jones has compiled this bunch of ditties for us in A Very NBA Christmas, a collection flagshipped by the soon-to-be classic “David Stern is Coming to Town.”

By the way, the NBA schedule itself is awesome today.

Anyone who’s watching an NBA game at any point this month has certainly seen the “Dribbling of the Balls” ad. Here’s a nice “Making Of”-type video that sheds some light on how this thing was directed and edited. Of course, all basketball soundscapes will forever be compared to this, but “Dribbling” isn’t a bad entry into the micro-genre.

Happy holidays, all!

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