As has been widely reported, a big powwow in Istanbul is currently going on while the 2012 Euroleague Final Four plays out: The meeting of the minds (and money) features Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, team general manager Billy King and prospective free agent Deron Williams.

While Prokhorov checks out his former charge Andrei Kirilenko during the games – quite probably with the ultimate goal of signing up the AK-47 for the Nets – he and King apparently are attempting to sweet-talk D-Will into reupping with his 2011-12 team. Though Williams has pointedly noted his dissatisfaction with the team and his intention to bolt once the free-agency period has officially begun, at the beginning of this month, CBS Sports quoted a source as stating that he was “leaning toward re-signing with the Nets.”

Prokhorov & Co. are in a position to offer the Beşiktaş hero up to $28 million than any other NBA team is currently allowed to under the newest collective bargaining agreement.

And in the midst of enjoying last night’s CSKA Moscow-Panathinaikos game, Williams took the (photo) opportunity to play Ansel Adams. Check out D-Will’s shot of Kirilenko at the line below.

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