Last Sunday in the ‘States, prime-time animated program “The Cleveland Show” ran its take on the NBA All-Star game. Chief among the player cameos was that of Dirk Nowitzki, who gets to do lots of stuff about how he doesn’t speak English so good. Nowitzki was joined by Lebron James (really), Shaquille O’Neal (no surprise there), Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

Though the episode itself is certain to be gut-wrenchingly brutal – come on, have you seen this thing? It’s like “Family Guy” but worse. If that’s possible – the “making of” vignette below is quite hilarious. BiE particularly digs on the following exchange.

LeBron: For the last time, Kazaam was not real.
Dirk: But it seemed so real.


Nowitzki in sound studio, laughing in spite of himself.

Dirk: Ohhhhh, now you’re making me look ridiculous!

Perhaps Dirk (not to mention Nash) have finally found their medium, i.e. in the spoken-word milieu. Some of us still remember this pair’s seconds-long-but-still-excruciating parts in the 2002 film “Like Mike.” Be sure to waste a few seconds of your life below, as it includes the incredible sight of Nowitzki getting dubbed *into German* for his home country’s audience.

O, and as for Dirk’s future career, yeah, he’s got something in mind. As the Maverick told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “I like The Simpsons. Maybe we can hook that up.

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