Whoa, this guy Evan Fournier’s got some confidence, eh? Just months after the 19-year-old parlayed his 2011-12 LNB Best Young Player award into a no. 20 overall NBA Draft selection by the Denver Nuggets, surprising many observers and pundits.

But Fournier wasn’t surprised at all, according to Eurohoops.net. The ‘Hoops have got Fournier quoted as stating before the draft that he would “be surprised if I don’t get picked in the first round,” later saying “it’s never been a dream. Only a goal. I always knew I was going to make it.”

Don’t mistake the young Frenchman for a simply cocky dude, though. Fournier’s confidence comes from a single-mindedness and dedication that makes him sound like a human Nike advertisement: “I always was ambitious and I will always be. Plus, I believe in myself. I work really hard and that’s why I said the NBA was never a dream for me. I did everything I could do to get here: [lots of] practices with the team and individual sessions, [lots of] hours in the weight room to get stronger, [lots of] shooting before and after each practice. I did what I had to do. You see, there’s a big difference between a dream and a goal. I didn’t just want to play here, without doing something. I [pursued] my opportunity.”

Geez. If Fournier lives up to his *own* expectations, Denver will’ve gotten a steal at no. 20…

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