Oh yes, Ruben gets posterized

So what else are you going to do today while waiting for, say, Panellinios vs. Panathinaikos (tipoff time 5pm CET/11am EST) or Lugan Aro vs. Barcelona (tipoff time 6pm CET/noon EST)? Sounds to BiE like YouTube time.

Here’s the latest of the “Top 100 Dunks of All-Time” breed. Though it’s skewed heavily toward the showman-type stuff that doesn’t actually take place within the confines of an official game, this is a nicely-edited ‘Tube with mostly fantastic jams.

Unfortunately, too, players from The Continent are represented pretty scantily and are mostly on the wrong end of the poster. True to form, ever-reliable Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje is crushed at #90. Bostjan Nachbar’s NBA turn is punctuated emphatically by Gerald Wallace at #62. Andrei Kirilenko gets smoked in a classic at #55…

You-Know-What got placed at #2 by YouTube user Tilimceni, making Vince Carter the sole pro with two highlights on the reel. The top dunk is pretty freakin’ awesome, but #1? That’s debatable. Of course, BiE supposes that’s the point.

Also, no Blake Griffin.

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