Big shout out this morning to heinnews, who’s provided BallinEurope with a translation of the Minnesota Timberwolves manga-type comic strip that recently appeared in the Japan-based Dunk Shot sports paper. Read along, panel by panel, below the break — hilarious stuff, really … and who knew Nikola Pekovic had such problems with the ladies?

1) His teammates such as Love, Ricky, Shved and Kirilenko are popular among the girls, but Pekovic agonizes why not him!
Timberwolves Japanese manga panel 1A

2) Pekovic: Hmmmmm….I’m second-high on the team in rebounds and points…so why? What’s wrong with me?

Timberwolves Japanese manga panel 2

3) Pekovic: I’ve got it! A new hairdo which looks like a monk and a bit like Love!
Love: No way!

Timberwolves Japanese manga panel 3

4) Pekovic: Here I am! Surely the girls will be after me with this new look!
Rubio: Poor Peks…
Love: Leave him alone.

Timberwolves Japanese manga panel 4

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