Hey, how was this off-season signing?

This is a bit beyond the realm of European basketball, but since apparently the entire balance of the basketball universe lurched based on a single media event last night and because, let’s face it, i have a blog, this Lakers fan would like to weigh in momentarily on the whole Overrated Big Three-to-Miami Heat thing.

Wait a second, did i write “Lakers”? Yeah … right … the Los Angeles Lakers. You may remember them … reigning back-to-back NBA champs? You know, with those two clutch starters, that Queensbridge guy, some Spanish dude who i hear is pretty good as far as NBA big men go…? With *the* most important signing of the off-season coming back to give it one more run? Seriously, what’s the big deal about the acquisition of a couple guys who’ve never won a title to come to a team with little bench support?

Well, just in case the Miami bandwagon has instantaneously forgotten – even the bookmakers are reflecting the public’s complete loss of perspective – BallinEurope has collected a few reminders to help sober up the ol’ collective consciousness.

Even the most generous of California sports reports won’t go too much further than “Lebron makes it interesting for Lakers.” Yeah, well, may the Heat live in interesting times – hell, the Cleveland Cavaliers sure are.

Israel Gutierrez in Miami reminds the partying to remember reality.

BiE’s new best friend writes that “Lakers fans have nothing to fret over.” Really, he wrote “fret.”

Because the old cliché is true: The Road to the Title Still Goes Through Los Angeles.

And while Mitch Kupchak finds the Lebron Circus compelling, he’s as cool as air conditioning.

Don’t forget, too, that all this Lakers talk is irrelevant if Miami can’t get past the Eastern Conference. If BiE were the new-look Heat, BiE’d be taking Rajon Rondo’s Ubuntu squad a tad more seriously (so sayeth the Ainge) and fearing The Deer a bit more. And that’s just in the short term.

All in all, BiE reckons the Lakers need to fear a certain Texas-based team leagues more than their would-be dethroners on the East Coast, particularly if ol’ Mr. Splitter comes aboard but not if they land (giggle) Shaq

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