The Italian-language version of MSN news is today running an exclusive interview with Marco Belinelli, the New Orleans Hornet whom the outlet calls “the most American-style” of all three of Italy’s NBAers. Belinelli weighs in on all things NBA; some choice quotes include the following.

“Obviously, [Chris Paul] is the best [point guard] in the league, a true star,” (“Ovviamente CP3 è il miglior play della lega”) says the Italian of his former Hornets teammate. “Playing with him has made me grow a lot, made me discover aspects of my game and my capacities…”

On the shortened NBA season, Belinelli explains that it’s “not as difficult as you might believe. The problem perhaps for a team like the Hornets, which has changed so much since last year, there was no time to practice…”

His favorite to take the NBA title? “I think [the Miami Heat] this year could do it, because they know better, have more balance and have less pressure on them than last year.”

As for Serie A, a reasonable prediction: “I see that [Montepaschi] Siena is still the team to beat…” (Though he’s cheering for Milano)

And the 2012 Olympics: “Oh, the Americans are very strong…”

On the question that supporters worldwide want to know, i.e. as to whether he would ever play again in Italy or elsewhere in Europe, Belinelli is emphatic: “No, never. I want to stay here” in the NBA.

Finally, his favorite player of all-time? Well, it’s that famous Italian-speaker Kobe Bryant.

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