With just days to go before 2010 NBA Draft. BallinEurope’s man in the U.K., Sam Chadwick is frantically formulating and reformulating his mock draft board. Today, Chadwick forecasts the first 15 choices in round two, including his homeboy/new best buddy Ryan Richards

31. New Jersey Nets: Jerome Jordan (7’1”, C, Tulsa, Senior). New Jersey picks up another big man to come off the bench behind Lopez, giving the Nets a starting unit of Devin Harris, Courtney Lee, Chris Douglas-Roberts, prospective no. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors and Lopez, with a second unit of a free-agent PG, Terrico White, Terrance Williams, Yi Jianlian and Jordan.

32. Oklahoma City Thunder: Jarvis Varnado (6’10”, PF, Mississippi State, Senior). Oklahoma City is another team with too many picks; they either won’t sign this second-round rookie or will send him to the D League to continue his development, but another athletic big with great defence is something the Thunder would love to pick up.

33. Sacramento Kings: Ryan Richards (6’11”, PF, England) Ryan had a great work out with the Sacramento Kings – actually he has had pretty great workouts with just about everyone, so whoever grabs him first could use him as trade bait. Apparently, the New York Knicks want Richards and last year New York just missed out on Stephen Curry, so they may try make a trade to move up and get Richards. If not, putting Richards alongside DeMarcus Cousins, Carl Landry and Samuel Delambert and that gives you a massive front court who could develop well together.

34. Golden State Warriors: Stanley Robinson (6’8”, SF, UConn, Senior). Golden State picked up Greg Monroe in the first round, they are solid at both guard positions with Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry so who do they take? Stanley Robinson? An incredibly athletic small forward who will run and gun just like Nellie wants? What happens with Anthony Randolph? Do they trade him away despite knowing that he is going to turn into an offensive beast if they do? Golden State are just too confusing, especially with rookies…

35. Washington Wizards: Greivis Vasquez (6’5”, PG, Maryland, Senior). Vasquez worked out with the Wizards and apparently looked comfortable at the Verizon Centre floor. He can play multiple positions, whether it be point or shooting guard, and if the Wizards trade away Arenas they may need a SG to step in straight away: Vasquez can do that or come in off the bench. If not, then I think Willie Warren (6’4”, SG, Oklahoma, Soph.), a combo guard who could mainly play shooting guard with scoring ability, athleticism, and strength to just make him a threat for the Wizards. If Arenas is gone, Vasquez could be a good fit alongside John Wall.

36. Detroit Pistons: Dexter Pittman (6’11”, C, Texas, Senior). Detroit want players with big wingspans, players who are bad boys like the old days, the Pistons want to get back to who they used to be: Champions. Dexter Pittman is huge! He can set a screen, he can rebound, he has strength, and he has a 7’6” wingspan and a 9’3” reach! That’s bigger than Greg Monroe by like three inches – wow, Pittmann is huge! Detroit should definitely take him here.

37. Milwaukee Bucks: Craig Brackins (6’10”, PF, Iowa State, Junior). Milwaukee is full of great hustle players and like players who give it everything. Craig will provide them with another big body who can play both small forward and power forward and can hustle just like they need him to.

38. New York Knicks: Andy Rautins (6’5”, SG, Syracuse, Senior). New York have no first round picks and only two second-round picks. Rautins out of Syracuse and is a talented combo guard who can play the two; he’s a great shooting guard and can hit game winners. If they take him and Sherron Collins, they have a great two guard building blocks.

39. New York Knicks: Sherron Collins (5’11”, PG, Kansas, Senior). Collins had a great work out for the Knicks, he is a skilled yet big guard, and I feel he’ll be in the mould of a Jason Kidd/Chauncy Billups-type player with good strength. New York are rebuilding and an experienced leader would be a good start for them.

40. Indiana Pacers: Mikhil Torrance (6’5”, PG/SG, Alabama, Senior). Indiana are depleted at the guard positions with injuries, surgery and just a lack of a good players. The Pacers need experience and good team leadership skills, Torrance, a senior out of Alabama, can provide all these things.

41. Miami Heat: Armon Johnson (6’3”, PG, Nevada, Junior). Miami have been so stuck at trying to get the right point guard that they mainly have D-Wade running the floor. If Wade leaves, the Heat will need a good starting or backup point guard, depending on who they select.

42. Miami Heat: Omar Samhan (6’11”, C, St. Mary’s, Senior). Miami may need a big man to replace Jermaine O’Neal; Omar is 6’11” and can work alongside Beasley as a more inside kinda player as opposed to Beasley’s mid-range slashing game. Plus, Samhan can grab rebounds and block shots, which the Heat could definitely use.

43. Los Angeles Lakers: Keith “Tiny” Gallon (6’10”, PF, Oklahoma, Freshman). The Lakers bench is terrible, so they could use a big, long backup for some of their big men. Tiny isn’t so Tiny: He’s huge, with a 9’1” reach, 7’4” wingspan, and weighing 302 pounds, Tiny could really help the Lakers.

44. Portland Trail Blazers: Manny Harris (6’5”, SG, Michigan, Junior). Manny Harris is a bona fide scorer who can tear it up. Portland are very solid; however, Rudy Fernandez may be heading back to Europe this summer and the Blazers could use a backup for Brandon Roy in case he gets injured again.

45. Minnesota Timberwolves: Trevor Booker (6’7”, PF, Clemson, Senior). Another power forward who is athletic yet slightly undersized cannot be a bad thing. Booker could play backup SF or PF and will be a rebounder and all-around hustler for the T-Wolves. Unfortunately, due to all the Wolves picks, he may end up being traded away.

Sam Chadwick is a assistant coach for the Solent Kestrels U13 team. He also writes a basketball-centered blog called Hype.

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