Media day in the NBA gave a lot of newbies, unknowns and ubiquitous presences (see coverage of Miami Thrice schmoozing at right) alike the chance to know and be known. Minnesota Timberwolves fans and players alike are well enthusiastic about their new addition Nikola Pekovic, who’s already generating hilarious quotes from his teammates with just his general badass demeanor and play.

Said Wayne Ellington: “I’m making him my new best friend.”

Said Michael Beasley: “I don’t think nobody has the guts to challenge Pek to a fight, nobody. Pek is 300 pounds, he’s 6’10” and he’s from Serbia. [Actually Montenegro, no? – Ed.] I don’t think nobody wants to challenge him.”

Said Kevin Love: “He wants to make friends with us before he knocks a few teeth out.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune goes on to make note of Pekovic’s “no-nonsense haircut and bicep tattoo that –”

To which BallinEurope interrupts, “Holy otherworldly phlebotomy, Batman! Look at that ink work!”

Seriously. Click here for a bigger version of the embedded photo above to get a decent look at the tatt: Bloody incredible stuff that, and it surely set “Pek” back quite a few euros. If this isn’t the greatest tattoo in professional basketball, BiE wants to know about it. Also, if you have a better image or a link to a closer-up shot of Pekovic’s work, please post it here.

In the meantime, enjoy your new inside presence, T-wolves fans. Maybe he can even induce some better play out of ol’ Darko…

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